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The Hamptons Travel Guide

The Hamptons - my shangri-la - yes, I said it. Have been coming here since I can remember and I can confidentially say I still have more to discover, experience, and do. That being said, I present our second travel guide of the summer to you. This is a *short* list of my personal favorite experiences and things to do divided up by the areas I frequent most.

East Hampton

East Hampton town feels very old money and fancy with its Loro Piana, Chanel, 3 Ralph Lauren stores (the small Double RL store is my favorite - so worth seeing - every single detail perfection), Louis Vuitton Prada, and the list goes on. There is still charm if you know where to go. If you have little kids, visit the Duck Pond Nature Trail on David's Lane and follow with a scoop or 3 at A la Mode. The fun for me in East Hampton is driving around the streets south of the highway- you'll find the Grey Gardens house, as well as some very beautiful old estates around the Maidstone Club. Egypt Lane and Further Lane are the routes to take. Wind your way around until you get to Main Beach - get lost and you'll discover some architectural delights.

I love to visit the East Hampton Ladies Village Improvement Society Thrift Store. Just love the idea of a local organization dedicated to taking pride in your neighborhood and looking for ways to improve and beautify it. The thrift store has been a way for them to raise money and it is always a fun place to hunt for potential treasures - like pewter mugs or local antique pottery (both of which I've scored in the past). For lunch, I head down the street to the Hampton Chutney Company Their dosas are delightfully flavorful as is sitting on the picnic benches in front and sometimes seeing the train go by.

For inspiration, I love to visit Longhouse Reserve , a 16 acre stunning garden, sculpture museum, and home. It was created by Jack Larsen, who was an architect and also a textile designer (we use Larsen fabrics in many of our projects). For a unique experience, the

Photos: Interior shot of Double RL store in East Hampton, Ducks at Duck Pond on David's Lane East Hampton, Ladies Village Improvement Society (LVIS) headquarters in East Hampton, Longhouse Reserve sculpture and pond, Yoko Ono's "Play It By Trust" all white concrete chess set installation at Longhouse Reserve, and guest living area in Longhouse designed by Jack Larsen.


As we recently bought Ocelot Cottage located in Amagansett, I must say I'm partial to this location because of it's proximity to both East Hampton and Montauk, its adorable town, and the beaches and bays that surround it. My favorite shop, Lazypoint, and one of the best restaurants in the Hamptons, Il Buco al Mare are in Amagansett. And I cannot forget to mention Carissa's - a bakery and cafe that turns non-foodies like me into a suddenly food obsessed, food photographer.

We love biking to Indian Wells Beach and Amber Wave Farms almost daily, getting a dose of sun at the beach and fresh farm-to-table food at the farm within minutes of our cottage. The vibe here is more relaxed and bohemian, especially with Stephen Talkhouse, a local music club in an old house and a vinyl record shop right on the main street. It's a very special place.

Photos: Screened in porch entry at Ocelot Cottage in Amagansett, Cocktails at Il Buco in Amagansett, Exterior shot of Clarissa's bakery and cafe in Amagansett, Pastries at Clarissa's , Indian Wells beach, and Amber Waves Farm tractor and sign.


Montauk to me is all about natural beauty. We love to do the Shadmoor State Park hike with its stunning clifftop views of Montauk including the famous Ditch Plains surfing beach. There are also 2 World War II bunkers you pass on the way which is interesting to see and read about (sadly, the graffiti on them is not so interesting). With the kids, we love playing mini golf at Puff-n-Putt as it's a fun little course that has been there since 1977 (family run and only takes cash). For a historical and visual treat, I highly recommend the Montauk Lighthouse museum - situated at the tip of the South Fork - the views are outstanding. The museum itself is small and incredibly interesting for all ages.

Montauk restaurants -- ahhh, you can have your lobster rolls a few ways- super casual, picnic tables in town at Hooked, you can EXTRA at Duryea's (best at sunset, watch the fancy people have their captains drop them off via boat), or you can do it old school and sit on a dock overviewing the at Gosman's.

Photos: Exterior shot of Montauk Lighthouse, View of Atlantic Ocean from Shadmoor State Park hike, and sign to Duryea's Lobster Deck in Montauk.

Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor and particularly the marina are always make for a fun walk. The yachts docked don't disappoint and the town itself is idyllic. We love Sag Harbor Books with their rare book collection, Sylvester and Co is my favorite design general store to visit, and getting sushi at Sen. For the design obsessed, a visit to Monc XIII is a must.

Photo: Sag Harbor Marina at Sunset

Writing this I realize there are so many places I missed....maybe we do a part II next Summer...meanwhile, look out for an opportunity to rent Ocelot, our first 22 Stay experience that we are excited to share.

Happy Summer!

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