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Limited Edition Print Shop featuring Bike Path by Christy Schnabel

"When I think of freezing the folks on the path, I think of the Tennessee Williams quote 'snatching the eternal out of the desperately fleeting' which he calls 'the great magic trick of human existence.'

I think that is what photography is, and what the Bike Path is to me."

 - Christy Schnabel

We collaborated with Christy Schnabel, a brilliant photographer who has captured the Santa Monica and Venice bike paths in a profound way.  Christy grew up on Santa Monica Beach, long summers spent latch-key sitting in the sand watching clouds and people go by. The solitary nature of the people on the Path centers her and quiets "what I otherwise experience as chaos."  At The Bike Path, Christy realized how life appears to slow down and come into focus.  She catalogues all who pass by noting any details such as their expressions, body language, and unique mannerisms. Her photographs are a way for her to hold on to these individuals and elevate them, thereby attempting in her own way to rescue them from obscurity. In photographing the people here, Christy says, “I see you, you have not passed by unnoticed, and you are magnificent in all your glorious detail.”   We are thrilled to offer the following limited edition series and prints. 


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