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Lucie Ayres



Lucie’s style is a hybrid of soulful European meets playful Californian - comfortable, curated, and inspired. Her Cornell degree and world travels influence her entire design process.  She is driven daily by her passion for design, color, and creating layouts that transform the way her clients live, work and feel. Opinionated and hard-working, Lucie lives for the installation - when all the pieces fall into place - and the end-result of happy rooms and happy clients.

Currently based in Los Angeles and New York, Lucie was born in Prague, then a part of Czechoslovakia, and moved to the U.S. when she was five.


The daughter of a carpenter, Lucie's passion for design started when she was very young. She helped design the pieces that her father would build, and would constantly rearrange the furniture in her and her friends’ rooms. She went on to study Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University, after which she traveled throughout Europe and Africa before settling in Manhattan and working for the commercial real estate services company Cushman & Wakefield. Lucie later moved into website/product development and entertainment marketing - at memBrane, then United Entertainment Group - before founding her own design company in 2009.

She lives with her husband, Chris, their two kids, Milo and Mae, and two cats, Loki and Ozzy.  She currently serves on the board of Cornell University's Human Ecology College and sponsors home installations for the Los Angeles non-profit, A Sense of Home.

Melissa Schwartz



Melissa helps design and manage renovation projects and timelines as well as creating custom furniture and cabinetry drawings.

Raised in La Grange, a suburb of Chicago, Melissa recently graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Interior Design and Graphic Design.  She started as a summer intern at 22 Interiors, where her positive attitude, hard work and appreciation for all things interiors did not go unnoticed.  We knew we'd be working with her again after she graduated.

She has taken to the West Coast lifestyle well, enjoying celebrity sightings, Soul Cycle classes, and  Harry Styles concerts.

Chris Ayres



Chris takes care of all things financial at 22 Interiors, having helped build the company since its inception a decade ago.

A screenwriter, New York Times-bestselling author and contributing editor at British GQ, Chris is a native of Northumberland, England. Educated at City University, London, he began his career as a business journalist at The Times of London, later moving to New York to cover Wall Street, then to LA.


It was in LA he met Lucie - when she bought his sofa on Craigslist. Little did he know just how many more sofas (and other furnishings) there would be in their future...

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