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Our customized virtual design service provides a comprehensive design plan for one or more rooms in your home including mock ups, a floor plan, furniture selection, samples of suggested materials and finishes, and shopping lists for accessories.

We work remotely; gathering information via video calls, photos, videos.  All we need from you are photos, measurements (with our help) and time to answer our questions.  We then work on  delivering a unique design tailored to your lifestyle at your budget.   

Our process is much like our full service design below and includes designing rooms including layouts, furnishings and accessories.  We make it work by scheduling video conference calls as needed and staying in constant communication throughout the process.  We have been doing e-design for clients since the start of our business and are confident in our ability to create functional and beautiful spaces via video calls, emails, and image sharing.

You can choose to do room by room, at your pace, and we will always keep all budgets in mind when presenting options. 

Who is online interior design right for?​

Online interior design is for the client who needs help furnishing their rooms and layering in accessories to tie it all together, but is willing to gather information and do their own purchasing. This service gives you the tools and resources needed to execute excellent design from wherever you are.

​If your home is undergoing a major renovation, is a new build, a gut renovation, or requires meetings with architects and contractors, you’re a full-service client

How does it work?

You start with filling out our questionnaire and setting up a time to discuss your project with us.  Once the design fee is set, an agreement is sent and deposit invoice.  When those are executed, we'll ask you to do the following: 

  • Select inspiration pictures

  • Measure your room using our measuring guide

  • Take photos of the space​​ and any items you wish to keep

Once we receive your items, we begin working on your elevation and floor plan, so that you know exactly where to place everything. The team then selects furnishings for you based on your design questionnaire, desires, style, and budget.

After the heavy-duty design work is completed, you will receive a clear and comprehensive design pack that shows you exactly how to tie it all together. You choose the pace at which you purchase and update your space.


What do you get?

  • A design plan including room mock up, floor plan, color schemes and elevations if needed

  • One revision to design plan (must be requested within one week of receiving your design plan).

  • Suggestions for art placement or how to make a great bed, etc. (room dependent)

  • A customized shopping list 

  • A 30 minute live video styling session to help you place the accessories properly.

To get started with your project, fill out our design questionnaire:

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