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Windsor Square Roaring 20s

Our clients bought their dream house - a gorgeous Colonial in Windsor Square on the prettiest tree lined street you've ever seen. We had worked with these clients previously which helped us imagine what would work best for their family. We wanted to stay true to the home's 1920s pedigree while giving it a cool Californian touch to make it both beautiful and comfortable for their family. 


We loved curating and composing the rooms for this home.  We changed the entry way completely - adding black and white checker marble floors to formalize the entry moment.  We painted and wallpapered, choosing colors that work well with each other, careful not to overwhelm the home. The result is magical - and our clients are as happy as we are with it!

Home featured in and on the cover of Luxe Magazine Los Angeles July /August 2022




Windor Square, 

Los Angeles


July 2022

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