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Updated: Jan 12, 2023

The world of interior design and all that surrounds it has completely exploded. As painful and difficult as this era of quarantine and remote work/school is proving to be, it has also demonstrated the power of a comfortable sofa, a well-lit room, an inspiring piece of art, or the importance of an efficient kitchen. Well designed homes do make a difference. We have found our clients wanting to reorganize, move, upgrade, renovate, refurnish, or buy a second home to get away. We have also seen that clients are moving more towards heirloom quality pieces; disposable furniture hopefully does become a thing of the past as people grow increasingly concerned about the environment and less concerned about trendy, poorly made pieces. As a result of the increase in demand for services and furnishings along with shutdowns, reduced/disrupted workforces, and new socially distanced working conditions, lead times have doubled or even tripled. It's not unusual to see a bespoke dining table now take six months from order to delivery. But if we all have become good at one thing in the past year, it's patience! Good things really are worth the wait.



We are thrilled to share our Lake Balboa Veterinary Clinic project with you - our first ever medical facility. Our client, Dr. King Moon (an incredible kind Vet who also is a vet) reached out as he was relocating his and his father's 35-year-old practice. They were just getting started on construction of the new location. Like many of our clients, he had never worked with an interior design firm before but he knew he wanted it to feel fresh, modern, and warm. We took his logo colors as inspiration and created exam rooms that feel more home like with dressers and fun pet photography. Speaking of the photography, we learned about Charlie Nunn from a friend and we are obsessed. If you have a furry one that you'd like to capture - definitely reach out to him.

All photos by Annie Meisel.



In other news, historically August and September are slow months as people finish up summer vacations and get settled into their new Fall schedule. But...2020. It seems as if moving, buying a weekend home, and renovating is at the top of everyone's to do list. Which makes sense. Because of the various scales of home projects people have, and people asking us to recommend various household items, we created an AMAZON shop. It is a carefully curated selection of our favorite goods in a variety of home categories from bath to bedroom to kitchen. Check it out here and be sure to bookmark it as we do add new items weekly.



And just because, we created a COVID WAVES Spotify play list earlier in the summer ...a quirky mix for sure. If you're looking for some new tunes...



So many more projects to share in the next six months including two Windsor Square beauties, a really fun home in Nashville and a stunning Los Olivos ranch. Not to mention a few projects that were finished just as COVID hit and have not yet been photographed. Did anyone figure out how to add more hours to a day yet?

Thank you for reading.

Until next time!

Lucie + team at 22 Interiors

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