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Really exciting 22 update for '22


Happy 2022 everyone!

It's finally February - which means we have caught up, we have new year energy (after bidding good riddance to January) and we are ready to rock new projects and new goals. We also have some exciting news to share.


LUCKY 22. Why the number for a design firm? My husband Chris, who has an excellent memory, insists he first suggested using 22 in the name, so I'll give it to him. He said 22 Designs, I said 22 Interiors. So there ya have it. BUT he knew 22 was my lucky number. Here's why: my birthday falls on the 22nd, I rode the 22 tram everyday while studying abroad in my birth city of Prague, I loved 22 Jump Street (who didn't!?!) when I was growing up in Queens, New York, and in numerology 22 signifies double the energy and is considered one of the most powerful numbers (naturally). From my years of marketing and branding work, I'm looking to do much more with 22 as a brand... so look out for 22 STAY, a new venture that I'll be sharing more about soon.



Giving the Gift of Home for A Sense of Home

We have long wanted to find a non-profit to help us give back to our community, and we thank our good friend Rene Jones for this introduction. A Sense of Home strives to prevent homelessness by creating first homes for young people moving out of foster care, using donated furniture and home goods. The install date of our first project is in May, and we have a long list of items that we'll need to fill this one bedroom apartment. We have already started collecting pieces, but please do hit us up if you have items for donation that we could possibly use.

A Sense of Home Statistics



Did you catch my brief (haha) 90 minute interview with Cem Kolku of SK-Concept? Lucky for you, we have the YouTube video here if you missed it. Cem's family owns one of the higher-end wallpaper showrooms in Turkey, and as the pandemic started, he decided to start doing interviews with designers all around the world. I was lucky interviewee 71. Thank you to Cem for inviting me on your show, and to everyone who tuned in via Instagram Live - really appreciated seeing so many familiar names!



We are busy. We have a waitlist for all new projects. We have learned the art of "time blocking" (SO helpful) and pausing our inboxes. We have completed a 6,000 SF home design in about 4 months for extremely busy clients, who did just one studio visit with us and one on-site visit, then left for the East Coast. It can be done with the great team we have, and of course with our systems, vendors, and amazing reps. We continue to work on our Beverly Hills office and bar design (cannot wait to reveal that!) and we are diving into new projects for clients who have been so patient and waited for us to be ready.

EXCELLENT THINGS TO COME - because not only is this the year of the Tiger, but it's also the year of 22!



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