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So FRESH and So Fall - new project reveal!

Hello friend --

We are officially in FALL - and very excited about a handful of projects that are ready for their close-ups with our incredibly talented photographer Noah Webb. October and November will be very busy indeed. I am thrilled to reveal our latest completed project, which we're calling Elevated in Hancock Park. Our clients bought their dream home in the historic neighborhood of Hancock Park, Los Angeles. They have three children under the age of five, and therefore lead incredibly busy lives. They wanted rooms they could be proud to be in, rooms that felt grown-up but not too fussy, and overall a cohesive, well designed home. We used wallpaper, lighting, and a careful selection of materials to achieve that. Everything had to be durable and beautiful, and we wanted to make sure that even though their home is filled with children's toys, the backdrop is a finished, slightly whimsical, very beautiful setting. One decision the family made early on was to take what is considered the formal dining room and make it the playroom for their kids. As it is one of the rooms you see when you first enter the house, we wanted to elevate the space with a wallpaper that really set the mood. We turned to one of our favorites, House of Hackney, for the perfect choice. We were also adamant about creating a dreamlike, ESCAPE-from-it-all primary bedroom. It was a Philip Jeffries wallpaper that absolutely set the mood for this, and we worked with the tones of it to source the rest of the furnishings.

This home was a true pleasure to work on - mainly because we could see the impact of the design on their daily lives. Oh... and it was just featured in Home and Gardens. The headline made me blush (even if it's so very true):


Here are the photos:

Photo credit: Noah Webb



The year of the great renovation continues and we're doing a ton more consultations. If you're beginning a remodel project and need some guidance, feel free to reach out. Many people don't realize we do offer consultations which are really more like work sessions. We try to pack in as much as possible in our popular 2 hour consults - including sourcing actual items and drilling down on design details that make a difference. Reach out if you'd like to discuss further.

Additionally, we're thrilled to be embarking on more commercial projects these days. YES people are going back to the office. We are firm believers in working from an office space (for soooo many reasons) but of course that office space has to feel good, function well, and be a place that supports the work that's being done. Our ReynSpooner mixed use space is almost ready for it's close up. It's a fine example of creating an environment employees will be thrilled to work from.


HELLO LIVING ETC - one of my favorite British design magazines has been loving my expertise (aka: strong opinions) lately - here are a few articles I was quoted in:


That’s all for now. As always, thank you for reading.


PS: We MOVED. We are still in Studio City and are beyond thrilled about our new space. Once it's ready, we'll share photos....and maybe throw a party? The sky's the limit!


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