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Our Hottest Summer Update

Hello friends,

To me, summer is all about exploring and going on adventures - and this summer, we certainly had many. It started off in Ithaca, New York, for my 25th Cornell Reunion. I brought the entire family, and we toured the campus, met up with friends, swam in the 52 degree gorges under a waterfall, and DANCED every night (we really go for it at those tent parties). I also had duties to perform as part of the Human Ecology Alumni Association Board (which I adore doing). I was honored to present the 2023 Recent Alumni Achievement Award to Elizabeth Esponette, founder of unspun, a much needed revolutionary concept for the fashion industry - click on the link for more details, including how you can spec out custom jeans using their 3D body scan technology via your phone. How incredible is that? Inspiring.

A few snaps from Ithaca:

After Ithaca, we headed to Prague, as one does. Prague always tends to remind me of where my love of architecture and whimsy - not to mention my sense of humor - come from. Because I was born in the Golden City, and have spent much time there over the years, I thought a brief Prague Travel Guide might be useful to those who are considering going. See here for the link.

Photos from our Prague trip:

The longest stretch of our summer was spent in the hamlet of Amagansett, New York, near the far eastern tip of Long Island. We officially launched the 22 Interiors Hamptons Studio last fall, and have wasted no time. Our current project is Ocelot Cottage, a very special place steeped in quirky Long Island history that you can learn more about here. (Now available for rental, so reach out if interested.)

There was no shortage of inspiration during our time Out East. I spent an entire long weekend with the Design Leadership Network, exploring Hamptons homes and gardens as well as meeting a Who’s Who of architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture. Needless to say, we had a blast - and yes, when we design professionals get together, we do talk shop - we can’t help ourselves. I feel incredibly recharged creatively, it’s almost overwhelming.

Since I have also spent many, many summers out in the Hamptons - and people love a personal recommendation - please see here for our Hamptons Travel Guide.

Just a handful of photos from the Hamptons:

Fall is going to be *very* busy at 22 Interiors. We are MOVING OFFICES October 1 to a fabulous new space on Ventura Blvd. Stay tuned for more on that. We also will have a legit handful of photo shoots, as so many of our projects are wrapping up after a year (or more) of work, and we are about to start an incredibly special project in Malibu. Very excited to show you all what we’ve been up to (especially the mainland headquarters of the incredible ReynSpooner in Pasadena - so much fun working on this one). If you have a project that you’d like to discuss, reach out sooner rather than later as we’re booking up for the rest of the year and into 2024 (crazy!).

That’s all for now. As always, thank you for reading.



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