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Summer is here! Here's what we're up to.

It's hard to believe that the days of socializing without too much of a worry are here. At the studio we've been busier than ever, with really fun projects that we can't wait to share, including a to-die-for Amagansett summer home in the Hamptons. The best part of being a designer in Los Angeles is definitely what we call the "Never Know Factor" - whether it's the style home, location (within LA or out of state) or type of clients. In the past 18 months, we've worked on the most traditional of homes, from a Hancock Park Art Deco to a traditional Windsor Square with a twist (we turned the formal living room into a speak-easy inspired home bar and lounge), plus a Mediterranean getaway in Los Olivos wine country, and a contemporary but warm Tribeca apartment in Manhattan. We are hoping to get interior shots of all of these soooon but with the delays that we've been experiencing across the board - not to mention foam shortages, mill shortages, transportation delays, and increased damages - most of our projects are taking 4-8 months longer than usual. However, we still thought we could share a few sneak peaks at design concepts and inspirations, progress photos and exterior shots of a few of the above mentioned current projects.

HANCOCK PARK / Art Deco inspired / completion date Fall 2021

Windsor Square Speak Easy Bar and Lounge and Dining Room /Completion August 2021

Hamptons Amagansett Project / starts this June but we're already getting excited and finding inspiration images.

Last but NOT least, a mix of mock ups, inspiration, elevations, and home images that are in our orbit....thrilled to share more of everything - as soon as it's all DONE (Covid has really, really taught us patience....)


Why, yes, that was Lucie quoted in the Wall Street Journal

Just this weekend, the Wall Street Journal put out an article about the importance of entryways. It was really fun to be quoted as we love the WSJ Magazine and home section. Link here.



Thank you for looking and reading and we hope to see your face soon!

-- Lucie

and the amazing 22 Interiors team

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