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Working it out : West Coast Fitness

Office design does NOT have to be boring or stiff or blah.  Embarking on a massive office project- including all renovation of the space  - involved tons of details and opportunities to make it feel less "officey" and more casual, living room like.    For this client, WestCoast Fitness (owner of many Orange Theory Fitness studios), a non-traditional approach to their corporate design was essential.  Sit-to-Stand desks were a requirement.  Lots of comfortable seating for quick meetings.  And outlets for laptops everywhere so people could work wherever they were most comfortable.

Entryway of West Coast Fitness

Below is the conference room. We choose a racetrack shape table vs a rectangle for the rounded edge, more casual vibe.

Meeting room with window behind meeting table

Below is one of the private offices.  We went with a patterned carpet tile for the private offices and a more solid like charcoal for all the common spaces.  We wallpapered the entry, halls, and open area in a beautiful grayish blue linen like vinyl.  Wallpaper does so much for a space- here it adds a layer of texture, visual interest, and vinyl basically eliminates any scuff marks or dirt. 

View of office from the hallway

Detail shot of the private office - we sourced vintage Muscle Beach photography via the Getty Image archives and had them framed in a light oak.  They are playful, happy, and a reminder of how so many fitness trends started right here in Los Angeles.

View of desk and chair

Into the kitchen - a very important space for employees who constantly make protein shakes and smoothies (vs. coffee).  We choose a bar height table to make it feel very social.  More vintage Muscle Beach photos below.  

Kitchen table in breakroom

Absolutely love the Muuto pendants in olive green.  

Breakroom view of table and sink

Into the main open space area where we have 10 workstations, a lounge like seating area (including my favorite Samsung FRAME TV on the wall - that's not art) and ROOMs for private calls.

Sitting area with coffee table and couches

All desks area sit-to-stand.   The photographs on the wall around the workstations are by local photographer Christy Schnabel.  They are a series called Bike Path and showcase people riding bikes or scooters or skates in Santa Monica and Venice.  The more updated nod to actual West Coast Fitness.

View of open seating desks

Open seating area in office

Below is a close of ROOM - soundproof phone booths.  We added a stool for comfort.

Private telephone booth in office

West Coast Fitness CEO corner office below with incredible views.

Office showing view of outside and couch area

View of office space


Thank you for looking and Happy Summer!

-- Lucie

Photography by Annie Meisel

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