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We are Vegan Design Certified

We recently took on an incredible renovation and design project - another Spanish home - in Los Feliz for clients who are vegan. They requested a fully vegan design plan - meaning no use of wool, silk, down, or leather.

Being curious about the idea of vegan design, Lucie took an online Vegan Course - the only one available that does a certification called It was incredibly impactful and insightful.

What exactly IS vegan design?

We learned it's the use of products, materials, and fabrics that do not harm any living being or our planet. It's really the future of design - most leather alternative products are in our experience superior anyway - colors, feel, impact on environment, durability and price.

We also learned that it's not just about the animals, but the industry behind many of these animal sourced products. There are little if not regulations and the people (many times children) who work at these shops are working in very harmful conditions.

We love that vegan alternatives are environmentally friendlier. We look forward to educating all of our clients on the benefits of vegan choices.

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