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Why we love Nathan Anthony

Updated: May 26, 2022

Nathan Anthony Sectional - 22 Interiors Design

Next on our blog series, "Why we Love ...." we'd like to introduce you to Nathan Anthony. Nathan Anthony is a family run business, and a leader in lean and green manufacturing principles used to produce sustainable and custom bench-made furnishings at its Los Angeles-based factory. They also happen to produce GORGEOUS, modern lined upholstery pieces that we are obsessed with. It's no wonder they were recently named a 2019 Best of the Year Honoree by Interior Design magazine (along with many other international awards over the years).

Owners, Tina Nicole and Khai Mai, founded Nathan Anthony in 2005 and have worked alongside their employees (who are all local Los Angeles craftspeople) ever since. Lucie met Tina at High Point in 2019 - see photo below.

We, at 22 Interiors especially love working Nathan Anthony products because the designs of their pieces are unique and comfortable and of course, they are local and green. They also have been able to customize pieces for our clients (adjusting seat heights for example as well as doing a bench cushion vs multiple cushions.) Highly recommend you check out Nathan Anthony!

THANK YOU for reading.

Keep your eyes peeled for more vendor highlights coming soon!

-- Lucie and team at 22 Interiors

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