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Why we love Taracea

Next on our blog series, "Why we Love ...." we'd like to introduce you to Taracea.

Selva Maya Table Collection

The word Taracea refers to an artisanal technique that involves joining together of different wood species and has a history spanning thousands of years. Teracea's founder, Javier Suarez's goal is to create pieces that are unique and full of character, regardless of the decade. Each piece is unique and crafted by hand in both old world and contemporary styles.

Another reason we love Taracea is their sustainable approach to manufacturing. They strategically source wood instead of using intensive forestry methods, ensuring that they actively reduce the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

Taracea Team

Take a look at some of Taracea's beautiful furniture collections:

Nexo Table & Forma Chairs
Braga Collection
Lamina Sideboard
Troncos Tables

THANK YOU for reading.

Keep your eyes peeled for more vendor highlights coming soon!

-- Lucie and team at 22 Interiors

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