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22 is ready for '22 but first, the holidays

Updated: May 26, 2022

The countdown to the holidays has begun, and we can already feel the festive spirit rising. We are looking forward to baking and cooking, making festive cocktails, spending time with friends and family, and most of all enjoying HOME - because isn't that the greatest feeling of all? Maybe we are a tad biased...

As we wind down the year at the 22 Interiors studio, we want to officially say THANK YOU. We are so grateful for the incredible clients we have had this past year. Pinch us, but the projects we have worked on in 2021 have been dream-worthy - from a whiskey tasting room for a commercial client in Beverly Hills to our first Hamptons estate, and an incredibly special 1930s Hancock Park house here in Los Angeles.

22 Interiors will be celebrating its 9th birthday in January and we are not looking back. We have grown stronger relationships not only with our clients, but also with our vendors, our extended team members, and the interior design community. All the experience is humbling, empowering, and reminds us why we love what we do.

In 2022, we are looking forward to expanding our knowledge on sustainability, and implementing more antiques, eco-friendly fabrics and rugs into our designs. We will be contributing more furnishings and time to Habitat for Humanity's Los Angeles chapter - and we will be continuing to work with the many incredible local vendors who have created our custom furnishings for clients in less than the industry standard time.

Most of all, we cannot wait to put the finishing touches on our current projects... and for all the new design adventures to come.

Finally - below are a few gift items items we really are loving this festive season...

Happy holidays from all of us at 22 Interiors!


For the person looking to UP their pillow game - House of Hackney Hollyhocks Amanita Velvet Fringed Cushion:


For the person who really enjoys their coffee or tea in a cup that feels perfectly extra (we have one and are obsessed) John Derian for Astier de Villatte Serena Snake Ring Cup.


For the person who appreciates an extraordinary ordinary object - Drinking Glasses by Nick Cave


For the person in your life who must sleep in silk - Natori (our favorite!) Kashmir pajamas. But honestly, we'd wear this one out to dinner.

Good to know that the Natori company has expanded into mens wear (about time - shout out to Ken!) and wouldn't this robe make an incredible present?


Anyone who is a chocolate lover will devour K Chocolates. We are partial to the scotch filled chocolate balls. Fun fact - Lucie has known Diane Kron since she was 5 years old.


For a completely unique piece, our go to always is a commissioned piece of art.

Not a surprise we recommend our good friend Shana Frase. Her water colors are incredibly beautiful and never disappoint.


For someone who would really appreciate a sustainable and Wabi Sabi gift, our designer friend with impeccable taste, Lauren Martin, just launched a gift box (one off or subscription). We got a sneak peak of some contents and they are unique and gorgeous and the perfect layers to your home.


For the playful, young and old, we always love a classic backgammon set. This one by Jonathan Adler looks great on any coffee table too.


And last but not least, this REAL four leaf clover in acrylic for anyone - after all, we can all use a little extra magical object in our lives right?


Finally, for a general selection of our favorite coffee table books and other fun items, check out our curated amazon shop here.


And that's a wrap! Thank you for reading, following, and supporting. Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season and all the best for '22 (bound to be a fantastic year right? It's our lucky number...just sayin').

The 22 INTERIORS team,

Lucie, Melissa, and Yvonne

Photo by Noah Webb.

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