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Sofa So Good?

Self quarantining likely means you are spending some serious quality time with your sofa, so much so that you may be considering an upgrade or a facelift. Either way we thought it might be useful information to know WHAT'S IN YOUR SOFA? Not the loose change and crumbs- but the real guts of it. Depending on where you purchased your sofa from, the answer can be VERY different.

Let's discuss the very real difference between budget friendly and high end sofas. We know there is a vast universe of sofa vendors. From retailers like Restoration Hardware to direct-to-consumer custom brands like Interior Define to IKEA and Target - they are all selling their version of today's trendy pieces.

With all these options, we want to inform you on why we recommend spending more now when you can get one that looks similar for less. This topic is a hot button for all designers. Most of us understand that with a great quality sofa, you can see it last 30 years and STILL BE COMFORTABLE - sure, the fabric may need updating, but the piece itself might not. At 22 Interiors we believe strongly in an investment in a comfortable piece that is made well and lasts and feels yummy at the end of every day (or in today's world, ALL DAY everyday)

There are a few very key differences in what you can expect from a high end vs. budget friendly sofa. Check out our fancy graphic that explains the differences we have seen. Remember- you can always reupholster a quality piece to change up the style. And high end sofas don't always have to break the bank, we have many options for made in the USA, quality construction manufacturers. If you're unsure about a manufacturer or vendor, google them for reviews. If you're not working with a designer who has access to many manufacturers (and their favorites, like we do - check out our other blog posts on the subject), then here are some retailers we feel deliver quality products: Design Within Reach, Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams and Crate & Barrel.

Thank you for reading!

Reach out if you have any questions on the above.


Lucie + team

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