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Our Hamptons Project reveal and a new location for us!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

September is my favorite month, and not just because it's my birthday (can you guess which day?) but also because of the crisp fall air, the buzz of back-to-school, and the frenzy of planning out the rest of the year, including getting all of our current projects completed.

Speaking of which, I'm delighted share with you our latest completed project - a VERY special one indeed, because it also comes with a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT first: After steadily growing our East Coast operations - particularly in New York state - we have officially opened a studio/location in the Hamptons, in addition to our main studio on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles. This move has been many, many years in the making, as I LOVE going "out east" each summer, spending quality time with the kids and our family, enjoying the beach, antique shops, restaurants, and seeing East Coast friends. 22 Interiors has long been looking for the perfect beach shack/studio, and we finally found one in Amagansett. We are in the midst of renovating the space, but it won't be long before we can share photos and details of the property's incredible, "only on Long Island" history. And if you know of anyone who needs design services in the East End, please send them our way - we love referrals from friends.

Speaking of the Hamptons and Amagansett, you may remember our Hamptons in Studio City project, which was one of our all-time favorites. Well, our clients made their dreams come true (and ours, let's be honest) by purchasing an actual home in the Hamptons. Initially thinking it would be a summer residence, they shifted gears as we were almost done with the final installations, and decided to move there full time. We are thrilled this beautiful property will now be enjoyed year-round.

Here are some of the photos, all shot by the brilliant Matthew Williams:

Fabulously located, and all newly built - with the exception of an original barn in the backyard - this Hamptons home was the perfect canvas for the 22 Interiors design team. Our clients wanted more "country vibes" than "beach vibes," and they were willing to let us take a few risks, such as painting all the bedroom floors white.

For us, the pièce de résistance is the stairwell wall - created from a variety of objects, photographs and art work. Some of the objects were found in the attic of the barn on the property (dusty and dirty, we sifted through them, set aside the best items, cleaned them up, and framed them), the art includes pieces sourced locally by our clients, such as an antique potato sack from a local farm, and the photographs are mostly of family. Together, they tell the story of the home and its new owners.

We had tons of fun creating this and other memorable moments - from painting the kitchen island a candy apple green, to installing a cheeky Hamptons "toile" wallpaper in the playroom, and upgrading the front door to a dutch door for optimal fresh air.

Each room was all about texture and layers to promote a feeling of coziness and warmth - very important for those freezing cold (and windy!) Long Island winters. It was also great to see that many of the pieces we had originally sourced for our clients' home in Studio City worked beautifully on the other coast.

It really is the perfect home, and it could not belong to a nicer family.

ALSO - just in- James Lane Post, local to the Hamptons publication with a brilliant online site posted a feature on this home - so if you're a 22 Interiors super fan, you can read more about it here.

Needless to say, we're looking forward to many more 22 Interiors Hamptons projects to come.

All photos on our portfolio page here.


That's all for now. Thank you for reaching, watching, sharing, swiping...

Lucie + the 22 Interiors team

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