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Earth Friendly and Gorgeous for HOME

This year more than ever, we appreciate EARTH and our homes. We have always loved sustainability and all types of innovative design that incorporates reusing or recycling. When it comes to using sustainable pieces in our design, it not only makes us happy knowing that we’re protecting the environment but it means we can work with and promote like minded, forward-thinking vendors.

Here are a list of some of our favorite vendors who are kicking butt on the sustainability front:

Armadillo, started by two amazing Australian women, produces beautiful rugs that stand the test of time. Each rug is made by hand from natural and sustainable fibers, using Fair Trade practices. We love the variety of rug styles, colors and the fact that they are crafted from natural and recycled materials.

Huppe, a Canadian based manufacturer, offers beautiful, high-quality furniture while committing to practices that help protect the environment. Some of the many ways they do this is through their partnership with Trees for Canada and their heat recovery system.

Nathan Anthony is a family-owned business, known for its leadership in lean manufacturing principles used to produce sustainable and custom bench-made furnishings at its Los Angeles-based factory.

These three vendors offer an assortment of extraordinary vintage and antique pieces allowing you to give fresh life to a pre-loved treasure.

Inspired by nature and committed to preserving her beauty, Taracea has used traditional artisanal methods to create striking furniture with strategically sourced wood for over 30 years. By recovering fallen and hurricane-tumbled trees without damaging their surrounding ecosystems – a process that can take years from start to finish – they rescue material that would have otherwise been wasted. This reclamation process allows Taracea to harness the wood’s authentic character in their furniture designs, as each piece is individually processed to uncover its natural beauty. The wood is then entrusted to the skilled hands of master craftsmen: From aging techniques to hand-applied finishes and decorative touches, they suffuse each piece of furniture with centuries of tradition. is a fantastic source for searching - they offer a variety of curated sustainably focused brands, such as Ethnocrafts, Fermob and Mamagreen.

As a founding member of Sustainable Furnishing Council (SFC), they ethically source all of their materials from FSC-certified wood to water-based stains and natural fabrics.

Viva Terra blends modern Californian design, natural & eco-friendly materials, and global inspiration. They are a go-to for items such as recycled glass accents, block-printed textiles, and reclaimed wood furnishings.

Thank you for reading!

Enjoy your day.


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