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"Forever furniture" - our Tribeca project revealed

Happy almost official summer!

Excited to share with you a very special project in Tribeca, Manhattan, that we recently photographed. (I'm not going to say completed, since homes and furnishings tend to evolve with their owners' lives.) This was a work in progress for over three years, partly because of the pandemic, and partly because of the attention and consideration given to every single design aspect - from the paint colors to the fabric selections, the wood tones, and the scale and placement of every single item. Our client loves design, which resulted in many long, colorful, in-depth discussions - and these stunning, exquisitely layered rooms.

Like us, our client is a firm believer in the old adage, "buy once, cry once" - i.e., it's always better to pay more for an item of exceptional quality and longevity than to give in to the false economy of an inexpensive item that will end up in a landfill after a few years. At our photoshoot, while admiring her gorgeous custom bed, she said to me, offhand, "this is the bed I'm going to die in." As much as it surprised me ... it made perfect sense.

The idea of investing in "forever furniture" as though it's a "forever home" has definitely become a trend in the post-pandemic design industry. As with fashion, consumers are understanding that the best made, best designed pieces are timeless - and can be repaired or customized instead of being replaced. In particular, there's a growing unease with the environmentally destructive phenomenon of disposable furniture, especially overseas-made furniture that often arrives broken, but can’t be returned due to the exorbitant shipping costs. Often, shockingly, the vendor’s advice is to trash it while a replacement is sent.

Aside from lasting a lifetime, many widely available design classics actually appreciate over the years. The Eames chair that my husband and I bought almost 20 years ago, for example, would now sell for more than twice its mid-2000s retail price on sites like Chairish or 1stdibs. Like real estate, in other words, the right furniture can be an investment with utility. Buying such pieces also means supporting North American workers and smaller businesses. And for those who've been priced out of the property market - or need the flexibility of renting due to work - owning a selection of carefully curated "forever furniture" means that no matter where you live, you'll always feel at home.

Here are the beautiful photos of our project to prove it - click on the gallery to get the full sized photos:

Thank you to Matthew Williams for the beautiful photos.



Here in Los Angeles, we're almost ready to reveal a handful of really beautiful projects from the Pacific Palisades to Hancock Park to Pasadena to Malibu. I absolutely love being able to travel to these distinctive neighborhoods on a regular basis; it is incredibly inspiring to be surrounded by the variety of styles that define Los Angeles. That being said, I am very much looking forward to my family Prague trip in a few weeks. Back to the motherland....a dose of Europe is always good for the soul.

Speaking of, maybe clients are asking - we are currently booking new projects for end of August/September. AND we are officially ready to start taking on Hamptons, NY projects. I will be out in Amagansett June and July finishing up and photographing our recently completed Ocelot Cottage, the location of our design studio in Amagansett, New York. Look out for photos and details on that project soon - it's a good one.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time,

Lucie + Team 22 Interiors

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