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Our Favorite Neutral Paint Colors

At 22 Interiors, we are not afraid of color. However a good neutral color can be just as impactful as a bold one. If you are looking around your home and wondering how you can give it a quick and easy refresh, here are our favorite neutral paint colors to get the job done:

22 Interiors Designers Favorite Paint Neutrals



Benjamin Moore's Super White is bright, crisp and clean like a museum wall. This is the best white if you want to brighten your space.

BM Super White by 22 Interiors


All White by Farrow & Ball is the best all around go-to white. It's not too warm, or too cool, it's just RIGHT - crisp and warm.



White Dove by Benjamin Moore is warm and cozy without being too beige or yellow. It's a great option if you're looking for a white room that still feels warm.



Farrow & Ball's Pointing is a beautiful creamy, pale vanilla that is similar to White Dove but tends to lean more creamy - this is gorgeous in rooms that get tons of light.



Strong White by Farrow & Ball is a cool shade of white with very slight grey undertones. It feels bold and grabs your attention.



Calm by Benjamin Moore offers a hint of pure grey but still reads as a neutral.



Benjamin Moore's Grey Owl is the warmest of the grays. It's a sophisticated shade that changes with the light throughout the day. It's a designer's favorite and many designers love to add 20% white to this color to get a slightly paler version.

Thank you for reading!

Team @ 22 Interiors

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