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Why we love Huppé

Next on our

blog series, "Why we Love ...." we'd like to introduce you to Huppé.

Huppé Magnolia Sideboard - Design by 22 Interiors

Established in 1967, this Canadian based company not only offers beautiful, high-quality furniture, but has an impressive tract record of investing in practices that help protect the environment - in a HUGE WAY. They are the real deal green.

Huppé has invested $350,000 in purchasing and installing a next-generation heat recovery system and air exchanger. With this equipment, they recover the heat generated in their stain and varnish chambers and use it to heat the factory. This has allowed them to achieve...

  • 75% reduction in their natural gas consumption

  • Net reduction in greenhouse gases of 104.5 tons per year

  • Equivalent to the CO2 captured by 740 mature tree

Huppé also partners with Tree Canada, a charity that engages communities, governments, corporations and individuals in the pursuit of a greener and healthier living environment for Canadians. Learn more about it here.

When we select Huppé for our projects, we love knowing that it will be high quality, beautiful and good for the environment. Here are some of our favorite examples of Huppé enriching our clients' homes:

Huppé Dusk Nightstand & Bed - Design by 22 Interiors

Huppé Wolfgang Dining Chairs - Design by 22 Interiors
Huppé Gravity Wall Unit & Wolfgang Chair - Design by 22 Interiors
Huppé Wolfgang Chairs - Design by 22 Interiors

THANK YOU for reading.

Keep your eyes peeled for more vendor highlights coming soon!

-- Lucie and team at 22 Interiors

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