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Why we love Armadillo & Co

We are starting a new blog series called "Why we Love ...." to introduce you to some of our favorite vendors and why we love them.

Gorgeous Egyptian in Aegean

First in this series we are so super excited to highlight the Australian rug company Armadillo & Co. Armadillo was founded in 2009 by Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst - two amazing women dedicated to not only creating beautiful rugs but also to maintaining the highest standard of global and local ethics. These ladies truly WALK THE WALK. Each rug is made by hand from natural and sustainable fibers, using Fair Trade practices. We love the variety of rug styles, colors and the fact that they are crafted from natural and recycled materials, with an organic aesthetic that stands the test of time.

One of their rugs that we are particularly obsessed with is the Sierra Weave. We have used the Sierra in almost every one of our project. It's the perfect blend of organic and modern and works great with any interior style (examples in gallery below).

Another thing we love about Armadillo & Co is that they give back to the community in a huge way. They are ardent supporters of Care & Fair, an initiative against illegal child labour in the carpet industry in India, Nepal and Pakistan. They also created the Armadillo & Co Foundation which contributes to building a brighter future for children in the villages where their weavers live. Proceeds from each rug sale are donated to this foundation.

Our amazing rep Terah Gisolo visiting students in India, photo by Terah Gisolo

Our fun and fabulous rep, Terah Gislo recently traveled to India to visit their incredibly talented weavers. She explains, “these artisans have mastered the craft of hand made rugs, passed down from generation to generation with the utmost grace, integrity and elegance.” Here are some gorgeous pictures (click through on the gallery below), taken on her trip, observing the rug creating process. It's really remarkable and a treat to see.

THANK YOU for reading.

Keep your eyes peeled for more vendor highlights coming soon!

-- Lucie and team at 22 Interiors

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